French cuisine! And in English please!

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Everybody knows it; France and its culture stir the hearts and seduce every year millions of visitors from all around the world. France, which is now well-known for being the first European and worldwide tourist destination, is a prime location where it is possible to relax and discover new things at the same time. However, how can people share something if they are lacking one essential factor: a common language?

Facing the tourists’ desire to discover our rich heritage, the English language, known as the most influential language in the world, is becoming one of the most obvious answers to our intercultural problem. English-speaking baby-sitter, summer sports classes, restaurants menus, and historical monuments visits… Nowadays everything is available in English to better adapt and answer the need of this crowd avid for « French touch ». However, if France is well-known for its historical heritage and cultural backgrounds, the refinement and the diversity of French cuisine remain the main strength of French culture. Listed as an « intangible world heritage » since November 2010 by the UNESCO, French cuisine gathers hundreds, even millions, of cuisine lovers. Thus, it deserves to be shared and taught even beyond its boundaries. Formerly reserved for a handful of experts and professionals, French gastronomy is nowadays available for all to try to cook themselves thanks to one thing: cooking classes.

Being a real trend, one can find proper cooking classes in Paris as well as in the rest of France. More and more people hurry in cooking schools and workshops, open to the general public, to cook tasty and simple little meals they will be able to cook on their own at home. Oriental, African, Asian and above all French cuisines have the place of honour during those classes. After seducing thousands of French people, cooking classes are now available for a foreign customer base thanks to them offering cooking classes in English. Now, learning the basics of cooking, which are mastered by every French chef and makes the uniqueness of French cuisine, is within everyone’s reach. You want to discover the world of French gastronomy but can’t attend traditional French cuisine classes? Don’t wait any longer; we have the cooking class you were waiting for!

Come to le Labo Culinaire and discover our cooking classes in English that will turn you into French gastronomy budding chefs. Thanks to our cooking classes, you will be able to learn how to cook a full meal along with delicious and typical French pastries. Beef tartar, chocolate fondant, duck breast, croissants, French Napoleon cakes… are some of the dishes that you will be able to learn during our French cooking and baking classes in Paris.